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User Accounts - password reset disks

You can create a password reset disk to help get into you account if your forget your password.

Create a password reset disk?
1. Log into the account you want to create a reset disk for (you need one for each account).

2. Take a blank floppy disk and label it "Password reset disk for ..." and put it into the floppy drive.

3. Go to User Accounts in Control Panel.

4. Click Change an account and select the account you are logged in to.

5. Under the Related Tasks menu on the left, click Prevent a forgotten password.

6. Follow the instructions in the Wizard to create your disk.

7. Keep your disk safe.

Use a password reset disk?
1. If you type the wrong password in to the Welcome screen you will see a message "Did you forget your password?" when you see this click "Use password reset disk".

2. Insert your disk and click Next.

3. Select 3.5 inch floppy and click Next.

4. You will be prompted to type a new password and hint.

5. Click Finish and your password will be reset to your new one.

6. You will be returned to the Welcome screen where you will need to type in your new password.
Note: once you have used your password reset disk you will need to make a new one using the instructions above.

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