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Sending your first email

How to send an email using Microsoft Outlook Express in Windows XP.

1. Click Start then Email to open Outlook Express.

2. Click the Create Mail icon at the top of the screen. You will be presented with a blank email.

3. You now need to enter the email address of the person, or people you want to send your message to. (Tip: Click the address book icon next to the left of To: to access your address book).

4. Next, type a brief summary of your message in the Subject field.

5. Now type your message in the main white area. You can alter the font and colour, as well as checking the spelling of your message.

6. When you are happy that your message is ready click the Send button. If you are connected to the Internet already your message will be sent. If you are not connected you will be asked if you want to.
Fig. 1

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